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Unemployment Benefits

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G.W. is a 60 year old man who worked for the same utility company for years. He was initially hired to work in the air conditioning department, but that soon changed. G.W. began to notice the company laying off numerous people. The supervisor in the air conditioning department was fired, and soon after, G.W. was moved to the Services Department where that boss ended up quitting. G.W. was then moved to the plumbing department from where he was eventually fired because he “couldn't get under houses quick enough.” Prior to being fired, G.W. noticed management being very petty, writing up small things just to have a reason to fire him.


Initially, G.W. was denied unemployment benefits, just as his co-workers who were previously fired had been. No one was receiving any benefits from this company.


Rappahannock Legal Services stepped in to assist G.W. and obtain unemployment benefits to which he was entitled. The recording that was left on G.W.'s answering machine firing him was submitted to the courts, which ultimately led to G.W.'s unemployment benefits being granted. No one else was able to get unemployment benefits from this company after being laid off.