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Unlawful Detainer

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K.K. is a middle-aged man and the caregiver of his elderly father who has health issues. Ironically, they reside in the same house K.K. grew up in since he was a young boy. The roles have changed, and now it is K.K.'s turn to take care of his father just as he did for K.K. when he was a boy.


Unfortunately, K.K. was sentenced to do jail time. Meanwhile, K.K.'s father gifted the house that K.K. had grown up in to his granddaughter, T., who didn't live in the area. She would only be the recipient of the house in the event her grandfather died.


After K.K. was released from jail, he returned back to his home with his father and continued being his caregiver. Since T. learned she would inherit the house when her grandfather died, she decided she had the right to file an Unlawful Detainer action to have her uncle, K.K., removed from the home. It was no secret that T. didn't have a good relationship with her uncle, K.K.


K.K. came to Rappahannock Legal Services for help. In the court room, T.'s attorney argued that K.K. was destroying the house which his client was going to inherit. K.K.'s father testified that his son had been his caregiver and he needed him in the home. Other family members testified that T. was being spiteful, and did not have good intentions. The judge ruled in favor of K.K. staying in the home and remaining as the caregiver to his father.


Rappahannock Legal Services was instrumental in obtaining justice for K.K. by showing that he had lived there all his life and deserved to stay and help take care of his ailing father.

Listen to the radio interview between RLS Executive Director Ann Kloeckner and Ted Schubel of AM1230 WFVA.



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