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Social Security Disability

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L.B. was physically in excellent shape and fairly healthy for a 42 year old man, or so he thought. In August of 2007, L.B. passed out while working in the loading dock area where he was employed. He was unresponsive when the rescue squad arrived and remained that way for 26 hours. During those hours, doctors couldn't tell L.B.'s wife S., whether he had a stroke, seizure or heart attack. In 2010, while L.B. was at home eating breakfast, he had another episode like the one he had 3 years before. This time, he was air lifted to a larger hospital. After being sent to a neurologist, L.B. found out that he had seizures and probably had been having them before 2007.


L.B. still tried to work. He worked 6 hour shifts at McDonald's that had to be shortened to 4 hour shifts because he just did not have the stamina anymore since his last seizure. L.B. had coughing spells that caused him to cough up blood and have blood in his stool. He had respiratory issues and didn't even have the strength or coordination to hold a phone to his ear.


L.B. was denied disability benefits twice. Behind in his mortgage from not being able to work, L.B. knew he had to do something. He reached out to Rappahannock Legal Services and was assigned to volunteer attorney Tom Bundy in the Culpeper office. Tom Bundy presented L.B.’s case to the administrative law judge (ALJ). The ALJ was presented with the Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) report, which detailed how little L.B. could work. The judge ruled in L.B.'s favor and he will begin to receive disability benefits as well as back pay from the beginning of 2011.