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Domestic Violence

Battered woman crying


C.L. and A.P. were never married and have a five-month old daughter together. The parties were together for almost two years and cohabited at residence of C.L.’s parents. C.L. ended the relationship because of A.P.’s anger problems. In the beginning of the relationship, A.P. began expressing his anger by punching and kicking doors and walls and throwing things around the house. Eventually, he began pushing and hitting C.L. when her parents were not at home. Later, his anger problems escalated and he started to hit, push, and punch C.L. regardless of who was at home. C.L. ended the relationship and C.L.’s parents kicked A.P. out and A.P. made threats to kill the entire family and burn the house down. Then he started to follow C.L .wherever she went. At one point, A.P .had a mental breakdown in front of C.L. and was taken to a mental facility, where he was detained for over a week. He also appeared at C.L.’s job and made threats to kill her in front of the employees. With the help of an attorney from Rappahannock Legal Services, C.L. received a two-year protective order against A.P.