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The Amazing Raise


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Want to know how you can help turn a $50 donation into $20,000?Donate to RLS through the auspices of The Amazing Raise 2012. This fundraiser comes to us courtesy of our friends at GiveRichmond; it is a 36 hour online giving challenge intended to benefit area nonprofits and, as a result, strengthen the communities that they serve.


It’s a competition, folks! The nonprofit with the most number of unique $50 donations at the end of the challenge wins $20,000. But there are other prizes, too! We hope to generate the most number of $50 donations during the 9 AM-10 AM coffee hour on September 20th. If we succeed, RLS will win an additional $1,000.


Why are we doing this? The big picture answer is we are trying to chip away at the justice gap that exists between those who can afford a private attorney to help resolve their civil legal questions and those who cannot. A little known fact that illustrates this gap tells us that there is one private attorney for every 346 Virginians and only ONE legal aid attorney for every 5514 poor Virginians. The small picture answer is that this fundraiser can help meet our goal of raising $200,000 by next May when RLS will celebrate 40 years of service. The donations (and hopefully prize money!) resulting from this fundraiser will enable RLS to hire additional staff members to address the unmet needs of our clients. We currently turn away 2 out of every 3 eligible clients due to a lack of resources. We know, all too well, the severe ramifications that are likely to follow as a consequence of someone's inability to secure legal counsel. Your donation will shrink the justice gap by affording us the opportunity to add staff members who will to provide direct services to our clients.


As you contemplate your charitable giving aims for 2012, please think about RLS and The Amazing Raise. You can do good and get a tax deduction, too. Log on to www.giverichmond.org or www.rapplegal.com between 6 AM September 19 and 6 PM September 20 (with our Coffee Hour challenge of 9 AM-10 AM on September 20th being the ideal time to give). If you visit GiveRichmond’s site to make your donation, look for Rappahannock Legal Services. If you prefer, you can make your donation through our website where we will have The Amazing Raise donation form embedded for your convenience. When you do, tweet your good deed, text it, post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…and you can help spread the word for us.


Please make The Amazing Raise an AMAZING success for RLS! View the Flyer here


Raise A Glass For Justice!


Raise A Glass For Justice! Sunday, June 24, 2012 2-5 PM, at Prince Michel Winery.


A big thank you to our event sponsors who helped make Raise a Glass for Justice a successful benefit for RLS. Your sponsorship, in addition to the in-kind donations we received, enabled us to designate all proceeds raised at the event to fund the cause of equal justice for all. Without your help, this benefit would not have been possible. Thank You!


Raise a Glass for Justice Event Sponsors:
Prince Michel Vineyards and Winery
Bill Britt Motors
Purvis Ford
Mark Torgeson
Juddylee Holbrook
Wegmans, Fredericksburg

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Front Page Archive


BB&T Picks RLS for 2012 Lighthouse Project


RLS won the corporate philanthropy sweepstakes when the Fredericksburg area branches of BB&T combined to focus their generosity on our organization in this year's BB&T Lighthouse Project. The scope of their efforts has really been quite staggering leaving all of us at RLS incredibly grateful to have such a caring community partner.


Executive and Program Director of RLS and BB&T Employees

Pictured from left to right: Brenda Haun, Vice President and Financial Center Leader, Fredericksburg Main Branch; Ann Kloeckner, Executive Director, RLS; Teri Drakopulos, Program Director, RLS; Cathy Maynard, Sales and Service Leader, Vice President Central VA Region


Beginning in late spring and continuing through the summer months, BB&T employees donated more than 80 hours of service performing a wide range of jobs that utterly transformed our office space. One of the largest projects took place in the file room where volunteers waded through more than a dozen file cabinets removing years of old materials and reorganizing the space. Upon completion of that mammoth task which netted enough material to fill a 5' x 11' storage area several feet high, BB&T arranged for a shred event which facilitated the disposal of all documents quickly and efficiently in accordance with privacy protocols. Other BB&Ters performed gardening miracles on the small patch in front of our office, sorted through and removed outdated books from our law library creating much-needed extra space for our own employees and volunteers, took inventory of all our office equipment and much more.


In addition to the human capital they provided over the course of the project, BB&T donated material goods to the cause. They purchased a brand new, state-of-the-art copier/scanner/fax/printer so impressive that odes have been written about its marvelous capabilities by our enthralled staff members! Four brand new (working!) shredders arrived at about the same time. And if all that were not enough, BB&T donated an array of high-quality office furnishings that lend a more professional air to the office than the worn and mismatched pieces they replaced. A visit by Molly Maids courtesy of BB&T topped off the makeover with lemony freshness that prompted all who entered the office to pause and breathe it in. Each and every one of these improvements would have been far beyond our reach given our lean budget reality, and together they have made an overwhelming difference in our world and our work.


No amount of thanks can properly convey our gratitude for the remarkable efforts of BB&T. Our appreciation is vast and will live on in our memories for many years to come. Thank you to every single volunteer who gave of their time and talents, and special kudos to Brenda Haun and Cathy Maynard for organizing the project and making it happen.


Exerpt from one staff member's ode to the copier/scanner/fax/printer donated by BB&T:

Ode to the fax machine stating that it had the employee at "hello"


Thank You Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors!


Executive Director of RLS and FAAR Members


On September 17, 2012, the Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors presented Rappahannock Legal Services with a $1,500.00 grant award. This grant will aid in funding our initiatives to prevent homelessness in Fredericksburg. Pictured from left to right are: Kim McClellan, Government Affairs Director of FAAR; Mary Beth Rich, FAAR Foundation Governor; Melissa Stewart, FAAR Foundation Governor and Ann Kloeckner, Executive Director of Rappahannock Legal Services.


Chase Community Giving & RLS


The voting at Facebook.com/ChaseCommunityGiving is now over, but RLS has one important task to complete before we move on to the next big thing. We want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to vote for us during this campaign. It was nothing short of a roller coaster ride as we attempted to find the votes needed to earn a share of the prize money. We worked our connections, pursued every avenue and kept at it until the absolute end! And along the way, we gained the necessary critical insights that will propel us toward even greater success in the future. While we did not earn a share of the $5 million in grant money that Chase is distributing, we made a tremendous showing obtaining 258 votes in all. To all those who participated, we thank you!


Special thanks go to the following students at both William & Mary and the University of Mary Washington who went the distance to assist RLS. Your efforts and commitment are genuinely appreciated.


Kelly Austin
Patrick Genova
Jeremy Thompson
Leanna Papp
Anna Boning
Tanner Johnston
Michael Powers

Quilt Raffle Winner


Congratulations to Angel Burgos of Fredericksburg, the winner of RLS’ quilt raffle, whose ticket was drawn during Raise a Glass For Justice last Sunday at the Prince Michel Winery!

Man holding quilt


The Amazing Raise & RLS


Wow! The Amazing Raise 2012 was a huge success for area nonprofits raising a combined total of $1,243,297 for all participants. One of our takeaways: online fundraisers featuring leaderboards are really fun to follow, and highly addictive. For those of us not busy with clients, Thursday morning was spent obsessively watching the leaderboard during our targeted hour of 9-10 AM. And that careful scrutiny paid off; we earned a Second Wind prize. As one of the first 20 nonprofits to receive 25 new gifts that morning, we will receive an additional $1,000 in prize money! In all, RLS received 34 individual donations totaling $1,875 plus the $1,000 prize money for a grand total of $2,875.


Thank you to all our donors; your generosity is truly inspiring and highly esteemed!


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Listen to the radio interview between RLS Executive Director Ann Kloeckner and Ted Schubel of AM1230 WFVA.



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